Marina Policy and Rules

Marina Policy & Rules

For both Slip Holders & Transients


1.  The Vessel Owner (herein referred to as “Owner”) shall agree to have the watercraft covered by a full marine insurance package (hull coverage as well as indemnity and liability coverage).  The Owner agrees to release and discharge Blue Sky Enterprises Inc. dba Chesapeake Boat Basin (hereinafter referred to as CBB) from any and all responsibility or liability for injury (including death), loss, or damage to persons or property in connection with CBB docking facility or marina (herein referred to as “marina”). This release and discharge shall cover without limitation any loss or damage resulting from CBB employees, parking, and/or hauling of boat, vandalism, theft, fire, high/low water, wind, collision, ice, rain or any other act of God.

2.  Sub-leasing or loaning the dock space is prohibited. Dock space is only for vessel listed on agreement with no refunds if unused. Commercial use of Marina facilities is prohibited.

3. Owner/boat operator is responsible for keeping the immediate area around boat in clean condition, and must use every precaution to prevent fire or accidents. Transfer of fuel at dock slips is prohibited. Trash MUST be deposited in designated area.

4. Dock boxes are not allowed on docks unless approved by CBB. BBQ’s are not permitted on docks. Please consult marina staff for directions to proper areas.

5. Overboard discharge of fuel, oil, waste or garbage is prohibited. Any boat found discharging fuel/oil will be reported to the proper authorities and must be removed from marina.  Owner will be notified and billed accordingly.  

6. Owner shall be responsible for damage, which they or their guests cause to other boats or any structure within the Marina limits.

7. No outside labor will be allowed unless authorized by management. Service by specialists must be arranged and billed through the Marina office.

8. All work below the water line must be performed by CBB or a specialist arranged by and billed through the Marina office.

9. Boats not properly secured may be re-secured without any liability to CBB. Owner will be charged for equipment and time. This may apply during inclement weather or threat of inclement weather.

10. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to sleep aboard without adult or guardian present.

11.  Living aboard any boat is prohibited.

12.  NO Smoking or vaping inside any building.  Cigarette butts must be disposed of in a designated receptacle and not thrown on the ground.

13.  Pool rules are posted on pool gate entrance and must be abided by.

14.  Please respect your neighbor and fellow patrons. Violations of the marina policy for the contract/reservation, disorderly or inappropriate conduct will result in the cancellation of the contract/reservation and forfeiture of all fees paid and expulsion of the boat from the Marina.

Pet Policy:

While we are a pet friendly marina, we do have certain policies in place pertaining to our “furry friends”.  If you are traveling with your pet, please note the following:

1. All animals must be leashed and remain under the direct control and supervision of their owner at all times.
2. Pet owners are personally responsible for cleaning up after their pet.  For your convenience and use, pet waste removal bags are provided and are located (1) next to the concrete walkway leading to the ship’s store and (2) along the far side of the porch just past the charcoal grills.  Please keep in mind that there is no acceptable area for pet waste to remain on the marina property including the boat storage fields and near the dumpster.  We ask that pet waste be disposed off in the dumpster (located next to the boat ramp).
3. Pets are not permitted inside the courtesy van, pool fenced area, bathrooms, laundry area, or lounge.
4. Pets are not permitted to be tied to any poles, fences, or any other structure at the marina.
Any questions, please contact marina staff.